What Makes Us Unique

Our On-Campus Intergenerational Program

One of the many benefits of being a part of the Yorktown Rehabilitation and Nursing Center and Assisted Living Residence community of caring services is that it gives our children the opportunity to develop a greater awareness of and sensitivity to the geriatric population and people who are different from themselves. The children enjoy many intergenerational activities with Yorktown’s patients and residents, giving them an additional admiring audience of “grandfriends” for their accomplishments.

Our Park-Like Campus

Our spacious park-like campus allows the children to go snow sledding, play on the playground, enjoy water games on a hot summer’s day and take frequent exploratory walks. Our toddlers and pre-schoolers are outdoors at least twice a day, weather permitting, and our infants enjoy daily strolls in the “Bye Bye Buggy.”


And, of Course, Our Superior Staff

Maria Rivera has a Bachelors in Psychology and Child Development, a Masters in Education as well as a second Masters in Special Education, with a focus on Family and Community Services, from Ashford University. She has worked with children for twenty plus years and has worked within our child care program for more than ten years. She is CPR and First aid trained and is certified to give children medication.

We provide health benefits, a pension plan and paid vacation and holidays to our teachers, which allows us to hire high qualified, experienced professionals with bachelor and master degrees.  Because of this we also have a very low turnover rate (most of our staff has been with us for more than five years), so we are able to provide the continuity of care that is so essential for your child.

Our staff is trained in CPR and First Aid and continually enhance their knowledge through annual staff development days, in-service safety training and outside workshops on topics such as health, nutrition, age appropriate curriculum, discipline and communicating with parents.

Since we are located within a healthcare building there is always immediate access to a registered nurse, should the need arise.